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I have been “vjiing” since summer 2004. I played for the first time on a boat for an electro festival on the lake of Geneva. Since then, I played for different parties, festival and fairs in Geneva, but also in Zürich, Bern and Region, Lucerne and Lausanne. For example for the Mapping festival (VJ Festival), Le Zoo, Fête de la musique, the Swiss Television, Paléo Festival, the Mad Club, Kaufleuten, and the Reitschule.

The rest of the time, I worked 5 years for a music channel in Zürich (VIVA, MTV) and now work in Animation / Video for an Event Firm in Geneva (MCI).

created 04 oct 2010

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Reitschule, Copy & Paste
VJ Jynzé
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Copy & Paste concert, 2009 in Bern at the Reitschule, alternative place. Creation of the projection concept and realization of the pictures

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28 mar 2011 - 19:48

M4MUSCIC war super geil:)

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