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Van Hai       


Van Hai has indulged in musical creation and more specifically electronic music, seeking to achieve more intimate emotions and feelings through sound.

Resolutely turned towards the inner soul, he strives to attain each individual listener in particular rather than please the crowds.

With this in mind, he ingeniously combines his electronic sounds with acoustic instruments samples, making his tracks the soundtrack of the movie of our lives, a unique and recognizable style, which he has developed into his personal touch.

created 05 may 2009


Van Hai
electronica - minimal electro

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Van Hai
house - tech house

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No Negatives - Grey remix
Van Hai

electronica - electro-house
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original track by Tornike/Kina Music


Van Hai
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1 day/Short clip made for Mirror ep, released on Meerestief records, Feb 2009

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salut salut sur le portail suisse :D

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